Concerning Concrete Ideals and Dust, 2011

Truth, 2012

Benjamin Forster, Truth
Jar and Paint,
10 x 10 x 13cm approx.

A small work commissioned for the Conservatorium Project. The Conservatorium was a exhibition of artworks in jars. The show was made up of contributions from 80 invited artists, all of whom were given the brief that their work must be at least partially contained within a glass, plastic or ceramic jar.

Curated by Anna Dunnill and Renae Coles, The Conservatorium was the inaugural exhibition at Paper Mountain. The Conservatorium was a part of FRINGE WORLD Festival, Perth 2012.

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Premise: Etching flow = Definition, 2009

This work is part of an experimental series using computer programming as a means to ponder simple ontological propositions. The underlying premise of this system is Definition = The inscription of an underlying flow onto a surface. Definitions effect the flow that inscribes further definitions. For example, Mountains and Valleys are etched by the flow of the wind. Paper trails are sculpted by the flow of Capital. Things come into being momentarily, appear stable for a time, but eventually the tides shift.

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Drawing Machine State 02:11:08

Second iteration of Benjamin Forster’s Drawing Machine. Discarded the concept of the compositional drawing on a plane and instead focused on drawing as the embodiment of thought. Drawing inspiration from impulsive mark making such as, note-taking and doodling.

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Constellation, a vinyl wall drawing, 2011

process: Each point of punctuation within the text is copied and redistributed around a point according to a simple formula: x = sin(a)*d and y = cos(a)*d, where a and d are random values between 0 to 2π and 0 to 50cm respectively. A computer is used to generate the random values in order to avoid the introduction of human bias in to the system.

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Active Diagram ( Architecture ›› Drawing ›› Movement )

Drawing is always slipping and fading. Light traces intensities on your retina –
flickering across a network of nerves, leaving a moments residue glowing.

Computer Watching Television (Channel Ten 04/02/10 23:12)

Made using a simple algorithmic process that reinterprets video input sourced from a computer’s webcam placed in front of the television. The process mimics the slit-scan method that televisions use to render received signals as perceivable images.

The Process:

// for each new frame of video.

for(int jj=0; jj<4; jj++) {

  int x = ((ix+(jj*4))%w)*dw;

  int y = (iy+(jj*4))*dh;

  for(int i=0; i<dw; i++) {

    for(int j=0; j<dh; j++) {

      int t = (x+i)+((y+j)*width);







if(ix>=16) {


  if(iy>=4) iy =0;



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House Drawings, 2010

Selection of ink drawings from a series concerned with architecture, stability and certainty. These drawings were exhibited as part of BLAZE 2010 at Canberra Contemporary Art Space.

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( sms selection )

A selection of SMS’s sent from Short Message Service, 2012.

Our Written World – An attempt to algorithmically discern written marks, 2011

A prototype text detection algorithm is used to process footage from the suburban streets of Perth. Everything that is not determined a word, is erased. This custom algorithm does not look for known letters, but rather in an attempt to avoid anglocentrism checks for properties common to the written word across all cultures.