Attempting to find the intersections between multiple market places, 2011

Installed as part of the 2011 Joondalup Invitation Art Award, this work repurposed a receipt printer and electronic door chime. As the shoppers moved through the space, their passing triggered the receipt printer to vomit a unique star shape onto the floor. As the exhibition progressed the waste built up – at first innocuous, then a cordoned off trip hazard, and finally shutdown.

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Postulating the Accumulation of Meaning Through the Constantly Becoming Constellation of Signs. 2011

As part of this event an edition of one-hundred unique prints on tracing paper were free for visitors to take away.

Archival information. Redundancy. 2011

Concerning Concrete Ideals and Dust, 2011

One hundred and forty three days by my side, 2011

process: This empty industrially printed and bound book was carried by my side for one-hundred and forty-three days. Containing no information, this book is inscribed with a history of fingerprints, dirt and violence. (Information ≠ Meaning)

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Expanding set of points, 2011

An expanding collection of ephemeral drawings. Exhibited as part of )( at Fremantle Arts Centre in 2011.

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Twenty-Six Ideal Erasures, 2011

process: Every occurrences of the twenty-six letters in the alphabet are digitally erased from three essays about language. Each essay in this series represents a different domain of knowledge: Literature, Science and Philosophy. Through this simple process of erasure the absence reveals the scaffolding on which meaning is pined and opens space for new possibilities.

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Constellation, a vinyl wall drawing, 2011

process: Each point of punctuation within the text is copied and redistributed around a point according to a simple formula: x = sin(a)*d and y = cos(a)*d, where a and d are random values between 0 to 2π and 0 to 50cm respectively. A computer is used to generate the random values in order to avoid the introduction of human bias in to the system.

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Index of all possible forms (65,536) + Every possibility iterated over time, 2011

process: A clock. Changing every second this clock iterates through every possible form within the structure of the LED display. A total of 65,536 forms. From time to time a recognisable structure strikes – An A or a B, a + or a -. These are moments of clarity in a completely determined system of nonsense.

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In search of where others find meaning, 2011

process: Searching through the catacombs of text for any book that could possibly be meaningful. I flip through the pages of random books, tending towards anything that shows signs of wear and tear. Using only the traces left by other travelers as an indication of value, I slowly gather a collection of potentially meaningful books. I take them back to my desk. Sift through the pages and digitally scan any containing marks left by human hands. These are marks of distinction – this is all meaningful. Still cloudy, I try distilling this meaning by erasing all the irrelevant symbols. Leaving only those precious words that are underlined or circled by another’s hand. This is important. There is something here. This is meaning.

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