Resulting from a residency at Canberra Contemporary Arts Space in 2009, Rational was Benjamin Forster’s first solo exhibition in the ACT. The exhibition ran from 25 March to 04 April 2010.

Discourse, 2010

This work is the result of an inquiry into the process of conversation based purely on statistical probability. The transcript actively spilling forth from the two receipt printers is a hypothetical dialogue between the two classical economists Karl Marx and Adam Smith.

The System.

Each sentence is constructed from the statistical probability within a source text that any given word follows from another. The two source text used are Karl Marx, Capital, Volume II: The Process of Circulation of Capital, and Adam Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Book II: Of the Nature, Accumulation, and Employment of Stock.

Starting from scratch the first word is randomly chosen based on its frequency within the source text. Words with a higher frequency of occurrence are more likely to be chosen then words appearing less often.

The next word in the sentence is then randomly chosen from all the words that follow the proceeding word. This choice is informed by the frequency of those words occurring after the preceding word/s within the entirety of the source text. Then the next word is chosen based on the preceding two words, and so on. It is important to note that this specific instance of the system is limited to a maximum resolution of three preceding words. This process continues until the sentence ends. A sentence is ended when there is no word within the source that follows from the preceding word/s, or given a series of words there is a high probability that a full stop, or equivalent symbol, occurs next in the source.


The system of conversation is very limited. There are only two agents within any conversation. The agents take turns in talking. When one agent talks, the other listens until the end. There are no interruptions.

One agent is randomly chosen to begin the conversation. It constructs a sentence from scratch as describe above. When the sentence is finished the listening agent responds.

A response is constructed by searching the sentence received from the other agent for words or series of words that occur within its own source text, or vocabulary. It then selects between these based on the probability of potential words that follow within its source text. Words or series of words that have the largest amount of possible continuation are more likely to be selected then those with fewer. Once selected, the agent then chooses the first word of its response using the procedure described above.

This process is endless.

This work has also been reproduced as a 180 page book, “Karl Marx and Adam Smith: Dialogue. An inquiry into conversation through statistical probability“. Indefinite edition.
Resale price: $49.95

Discourse won the Non-Aquisitive Prize at the 2010 Fremantle Arts Centre Print Award.

Ambiguous I, II, III, IV, 2010

What makes an image offensive? And how does this relate to the boundary between meaning and information?

Ambiguous is a series of digital prints. Each one contains the exact same pixels sourced from an ‘aberrant’ image, although each image is a unique algorithmic translation of this taboo data. They all are displaying the exact same data; concealing and censoring in plain sight. The simple process for each translation is displayed at the bottom of each image.

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Appearances, 2010

Intended to raise questions about identity within a culture of increased surveillance and machine intelligence, this work is a simple computer vision system that analyses a live camera feed for faces. The system records all the faces it encounters into a database and then replaces newly seen faces randomly with one recorded previously. Installed opposite the monitor is a large drawing derived from facebook, which the system reads as human faces and records, replaces the drawn faces with actual visitors to the gallery and vice versa.

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