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A one day exhibition as part of CTRL-Z: Writing in the Age of New Media at the Fremantle Arts Centre in late 2011. This body of work is a continuation and development of Benjamin Forster’s solo exhibition )(.

The catalogue essay by Robert Briggs and Niall Lucy (Curtin University) is available here.

Read an extended essay in issue two of the CTRL-Z Journal here.

Postulating the Accumulation of Meaning Through the Constantly Becoming Constellation of Signs. 2011

As part of this event an edition of one-hundred unique prints on tracing paper were free for visitors to take away.

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Archival information. Redundancy. 2011

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Concerning Concrete Ideals and Dust, 2011

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Our Written World – An attempt to algorithmically discern written marks, 2011

A prototype text detection algorithm is used to process footage from the suburban streets of Perth. Everything that is not determined a word, is erased. This custom algorithm does not look for known letters, but rather in an attempt to avoid anglocentrism checks for properties common to the written word across all cultures.

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