A series … or … 2012

These four drawings are the product of filtering architectural plans through four subverted projective drawing systems. Using primarily compass and rule, this series in particular has utilised Venn’s architectural drawings as inputs. As a series they can be seen discreet points each representing an infinite line of drawings.

A Statement— Benjamin Forster

“Space is the greatest thing, as it contains all things”
— Thales

At the time of writing this statement, I am in-between Madrid and Dubai. In transit, on Flight EK420 to be exact. At this time, this new series of works is also in- between, still floating on the cusp of definition. This new series, forever partial, can be located within the following constellation of words:

Alberti, clouds and dust, colonisation, commercial gallery, constructions, contemporary drawing, conquest, Deleuze, economics, Euclid’s ‘Elements’, Feyerabend, fractional dimensions, framing, institutionalisation, it, knot theory, knowledge, language, linear algebra, Ludwig Schläfli, mapping, measurement, navigation, nonsense, paradoxes, perspective, Piranesi, platonic solids, projection, politics of space, Ptolemy, rationality, ruin, sailing, Serres, string theory, systematic, Thales, The Moirai (or The Fates), this, time, topology, truth, unknowable, value, venn diagrams…

This constellation is necessarily incomplete and insufficient. It can be read in any order, but has been arranged alphabetically to alleviate any tendency towards a sense of hierarchical importance. Lines could be drawn through and around these points to demarcate genealogy and logical sets. Nonetheless, I hope that this body of work will slip through whatever net is drawn. This statement may appear obtuse and vague, however, it is not my intention to alienate, but rather to generate an open space for viewing. A space where the dimensions of the work can be read beyond a linear series of words and and dialectical comparisons they encourage.

It is my belief that no series of words can ever successfully triangulate a series of work. At best they provide a vantage point from which multiple interpretation stem, or at worse, they act as a death sentence, crystallising artworks for ‘objective’ observation. From one point of view, this process of positioning is central to this body of work.

relevant [ 12 Spatial Drawing ]

Concerning Concrete Ideals and Dust, 2011

Expanding set of points, 2011

An expanding collection of ephemeral drawings. Exhibited as part of )( at Fremantle Arts Centre in 2011.

relevant [ )( 11 ]

House Drawings, 2010

Selection of ink drawings from a series concerned with architecture, stability and certainty. These drawings were exhibited as part of BLAZE 2010 at Canberra Contemporary Art Space.

relevant [ 10 ]

Blind Drawings, 2008

A series of experimental blind drawings created in direct relation to Benjamin’s Drawing Machine Project. These drawings are a study of the inconsistency between a drawing and the artists internal representation of the drawing in progress

relevant [ <09 ]

La Lecon D’amour Dans Un Parc, 2006

An artist book exploring both the phychological and physical topology of books. La Lecon D’amour is a drawing into the pages and surface of a second hand french romance novel.

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