Short Message Service, 2012

Benjamin Forster invites speculation about the connections between objects and data in contemporary systems of thought and technology. Although the most dominant feature of this work is the transaction between viewers’ phones and the microcontroller displayed in the gallery, there are other elements to consider. They include the coding which generates and distributes the digitised text, the graphical or typographical decisions concerning what appears on the screens of viewers’ phones and the material or presentation aspect of work which can be enjoyed in the gallery. With audiences able to experience some aspect of the work anywhere in the world and forward it to others, Forster’s coding generates collective activity of a global and instantaneous nature – a characteristic arguably anticipated by precedents such as instructions in Mail Art.

During the exhibition Benjamin Forster’s work could be accessed by SMS 0434 377 980.

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A selection of SMS’s sent from Short Message Service, 2012.

relevant [ 12 Yonder ]

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